Monday January 25 , 2021

The Penny Movie on Facebook

This week is a great time to join The Penny Film's Facebook page! Many of our Penny movie fans are already on the Facebook if you haven't Liked The Penny Film, we have a Contest going on and we're giving away two free copies of The Penny DVD. These Special Festival Edition DVD's will be signed by Nathan Webster - the Director- and sent to the two individuals picked randomly out of the entrants.  

For a chance to win: search for The Penny Film on Facebook or Join The Penny Film on Facebook here.  Then send an invitation to a least 10 friends. When you're finished tell us about it on The Penny Film wall and we will enter you into the drawing. 

The Winner(s) will be announced next week.

There's also a link to Filmweavers and The Penny Film on Twitter and other social media sites on the  Share page

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